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Kyle + Stephanie C.,

Vacaville, CA

     "Sarah Loban has been marvelously caring for my pets for 5 years now. I am a licensed veterinary technician and 100% a crazy dog mom. I have 2 chihuahuas, Ollie and Peach that I love more than anything in the world. There are only 2 people that I will entrust my dog's care with, and Sarah is one of them (my preferred one at that). 

      Sarah and I have spent the last 6 years working together in the veterinary field, where I have personally observed the compassion, love and attentiveness she has for any fur baby that crosses her path. 

      My own two dogs that she regularly cares for absolutely loves Sarah and will jump up and down wagging their tails everytime she walks through the door. When Sarah is caring for my pets, she will always provide frequent updates along with pictures, she follows my all of my requests for their needs exactly to a tee, and has even been known to trim their nails and bath/groom them on her own initiative. My standards for my dogs are certainly high, Sarah not only meets, but exceeds them. I can describe Sarah Loban as a trustworthy, dependable, responsabile and warmhearted person. I will continue to have Sarah as my home pet sitter for many years to come."

Daniel + Daphne S.,

Napa, CA

     "My wife and I recently were on vacation (and off the continent) for 3 weeks and like most people, our biggest worry was who we could trust with our dog and our house. We had used Sarah for a

two-night vacation at the end of 2020 and everything went well so we decided to use her again. We originally heard about Sarah from our other dog-sitter who wasn’t available for the two-night trip. This was our longest trip that we’ve ever taken away from our dog Gracie, and it would be Sarah’s longest job as a dog-sitter and house-sitter, so the stakes were high!

Sarah came out to our house in Napa a week before the trip to familiarize herself with Gracie and our house again. We provided her with a feeding schedule and suggestions for local parks and walks to take. Sarah was great, she showed up on-time when we were ready to leave for the airport, and she was in constant contact with us throughout the trip. Every time we reached out to her for an update she responded back promptly and even surprised us a few times with pictures of Gracie on walks or at parks. It was such a relief knowing our girl was in good hands and getting to see pictures of her. It allowed us to enjoy our vacation that much more. 

When we came back from our 12-hour flight, exhausted and ready for a nap, Sarah had given Gracie a bath the night before and took her for a hike that morning. Our dog is very high-energy, so it was a perfect homecoming for us to come back to a clean and tired dog. Not only that but our house was clean, the bedsheets and towels had been washed, and all of our plants had survived the heat wave while we were gone.

We highly recommend Sarah and will not hesitate to her again."

Mike + Patti S.,

Napa , CA

     "We have two small dogs and an English Bulldog. One of our small dogs has diabetes and requires an insulin injection twice a day. The three dogs together can be quite a task as they are all accustomed to human companionship.

     Sarah Loban is not only an outstanding person, but an outstanding dog sitter and caregiver. It is easy to see that she loves animals, and she provides our three with loving care and can perform the insulin injections.

Sarah stays at our home when she is watching the dogs, which we love. Our home is in amazing condition when we arrive home from our journeys, even better than when we left it. We highly recommend Sarah!"

Erik + Monika B.,

Vacaville, CA

   “Sarah is a caring person who we trust without question. We have had several occasions to allow her to stay in our home and watch over our pets and chickens. It is possible that she takes better care of our home than we do.

We are always very appreciative to come home to happy pets and a tidy home."

Deidre + Joe S.,

Vacaville, CA

   “Sarah is always our first choice to care for our dog, three cats and chickens. When we leave on a trip we are confident that our animals are in great hands. She is loving, kind and always leaves the house in great condition. Want a worry free vacation- call Sarah to care for your home and pets while you're away!"

Daniel + Melanie K.,

Napa, CA

Melanie and I can't go one day without our Nala (pit) by our side. We all know being away from your little buddy can be difficult.

Sarah was the perfect sitter for Nala. We were able to travel and enjoy our trip for one week and not have to worry about anything. 

Upon first meeting, Nala brushed me aside, and ran to greet Sarah with wiggles and kisses. Nala can be shy and skeptical, but Sarah's smile and warmth melted all of her inhibitions away. We loved Sarah's professionalism and passion for animals. Every time we were thinking of Nala, pics and updates were at our fingertips, like magic. We didn't even have to ask because Sarah knows instinctively what to do and what her clients want. 

We are so happy to have found The Homebudy. 


We would definitely book with The Homebudy again, and recommend Sarah's service to anyone in need of a pet sitter. 

Kevin + Nicole S.,

Vacaville, CA

     “Sarah has been pet sitting for our family since 2016. During that time frame we've had 2-4 dogs at a time and Sarah has handled them all with no problem. We've had some senior dogs which required medications to be administered and she had no issues giving them liquid or pills as prescribed. When Sarah arrives our dogs greet her with the excitement of a family member who has just returned from a long time away. They love her! We trust Sarah completely with our pets and our home. 

     One of the things I am most grateful for with Sarah is her love for our pets and dedication to them. When the LNU Complex fire struck in August of 2020 Sarah was watching our dogs and home. Being woken up in the middle of the night and evacuated due to the fire reaching less than 1/4 mile from our residence, she handled everything professionally. She gathered food and leashes for our pets, came up with an evacuation plan and found a place for her and our 3 dogs to stay for the next 2 days until we returned from our trip. She kept us calm during a stressful time, sending us updates on how everything was going and never making us feel like this unfortunate situation was an inconvenience for her. 

We are forever grateful for Sarah and plan to continue employing her for animal and house sitting for years to come."

Mike and Brandi D.,

Vacaville, CA

     "Beyond thankful for Sarah! She is one of a kind with emphasis on KIND! Sarah has provided so much

loving and attentive care for our pets (both dogs and cats) over the past few years, and we couldn’t be

happier. She is extremely helpful and trustworthy. Our cat Ruckus broke his leg and needed

continuous supervision while my husband and I had to work. Sarah went above and beyond to ensure

that Ruckus was well taken care of while we were away from home. This was a 7-week obligation and

she never failed to show up for the job and always with a smile and a great attitude. Really makes

leaving your pets behind so much easier knowing that the person you have entrusted to care for them

loves them as much as you do! Trust in Sarah, she is the right choice for your pet sitting needs and your

pets will LOVE her!"

Dana + Kris B.,

Vacaville, CA

"Sarah has been dog sitting for us for at least six years, and we always have a long list of medications for our dog that she has no problem with administering. She sends us updates or pics when we are away, which we love!! We have a semi-feral cat she has no problem with.

    When we come home I swear the house is cleaner than we left it! What’s not to love…best pet sitter ever!"

Jeff + Kelly S.,

Vacaville, CA

   “Sarah has cared for our dogs, a 9 year old Rottweiler, 2 year old Rottweiler and 2 year old French Bulldog, and she is nothing but wonderful! She is so loving and caring with them! She gave us daily updates and pictures. We trust Sarah, and the kindness and love she shows our fur babies is incredible!! Not to mention after a week of being gone my house was so clean, all laundry done! Wow!!! What a wonderful way to come home!! Thank you Sarah!!"

Taylor + Chris P.,

Vacaville, CA

I was very nervous leaving my dogs for the first time and Sarah was very understanding. She sent daily updates and pictures throughout her stay. She was able to medicate my difficult to pill Poodle and bonded with my nervous Boston Terrier. Not only did she take good care of my fur babies, but she left my house spotless. I am so happy to have found a pet sitter that I trust


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